HealthITImprove (HITI) was founded in 2015 to advocate for better information technology at the frontlines of healthcare. Our organization seeks to promote awareness and improvement of all aspects of healthcare IT.

A Message from the Founder:

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Hello, my name is Dr Suneel Dhand and I am a practicing hospital medicine physician in Boston. More information about me and my background can be found on my personal blog at: www.suneeldhand.com

One of the topics I’ve written most about on my blog over the last couple of years has been the subject of healthcare information technology, and our need to improve our current systems and the way we use them. In the last few years I’ve worked up and down the east coast in several different types of hospital and with almost every major electronic medical record. From what I’ve seen, information technology now represents one of physicians’ biggest daily frustrations. If we take a step back to why the use of information technology has expanded exponentially over the last decade, it’s largely because of Meaningful Use and the fact that organizations receive much needed federal incentives for becoming fully electronic. Unfortunately, the problem is that in many hospitals and clinics, this process has been rushed and the systems themselves are not optimized with frontline clinical workflow. This means the following:

  • Physicians are spending less and less time with patients and more time staring at computer screens (sometimes as little as 10 percent of their day with patients)
  • Physicians have constant interruptions to workflow that require the use of inefficient and cumbersome IT systems to perform simple tasks that previously used to take only a few seconds
  • Patients themselves are increasingly frustrated that their physician no longer looks them in the eye and is constantly turning around and looking at their computer

Make no mistake, we’ve witnessed a disaster happen in terms of the practice of good and thorough bedside medicine that keeps the patient at the center of healthcare. I founded this organization to address this very important issue, which I believe is one of the most critical facing healthcare at the moment. Remember, it’s not the information technology itself that’s the problem. IT represents the future in all aspects of our lives and has overall been wonderful for humanity. It’s that the current crop of solutions are nowhere near as seamless, efficient and user-friendly as they should be and need to improve. We’ve all heard of the healthcare quality improvement movement. Well, now it’s time for healthcare information technology quality improvement. In fact, that time was yesterday.

Suneel Dhand