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Welcome to Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., we offer you the highest quality logistics services!


Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., began preparations for the second half of 2003, after more than two years of preparation, has a relatively rich in experience, in 2006 ...

Sea Freight Operation
We can provide FCL and LCL operation as well as provide warehousing, cargo traffic insurance, container allocating, container loading and door-to-door service between China and the Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Africa lines As your global logistics partners, we can provide accurate ocean freight cost budget and the economic and efficient ocean freight service. Timely feedback your cargo tracking information Guaranteed that each link on chain from the factory to end can be realized perfectly.

Sea Freight Export
Handle export ocean freight FCL&LCL from shanghai/ Hongkong / Tianjing / Guangzhou/ Ningbo / Qingdao to all word wide ports.
Immediately allocate shipping space, provide booking numbers of shipping companies after accepting freight commissions to international major ports.
1.LCL service to save cost
2.Special cargo(e. g. GOH, reefer container, OTC)
3.Multi-modal transport business such as sea &air freight etc
4.In time cargo information system on electronic business platform

Sea Freight import
Upon acceptance of clients’ commission, undertake import business around the world to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo, and Qingdao through agency relationship home and abroad;
1.Import services, such as customs clearance, commodity inspection, animal and plant quarantine, cargo wharf etc.
2.Direct delivery of FCL cargo and devanning & distribution of LCL cargo.
3.Imported abnormal volume and weight.
4.Provide imported cargo information by network system in time.