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Welcome to Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., we offer you the highest quality logistics services!


Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., began preparations for the second half of 2003, after more than two years of preparation, has a relatively rich in experience, in 2006 ...

Import Business(Air Freight, Sea Freight)
1.We are mainly engaged in booking &acceptance services (regular liner services of containers and bulk) and air services of major domestic base ports and the world airports and seaports, as well as flight services, and domestic customs declaration and land transport services, that is , door-to-door through transport services.
2.We provide customers with agency businesses of commodity inspection, health & quarantine inspection as well as animal and plant inspection.
3.Do all formalities and related matters for customers of archival filling and registration at the Customs as well as getting approval for applicants for the tax reduction or exemption of imported goods.
4.Customs clearance of imported goods:
(1)With shipping bill and after customs declaration, air freight consolidation and tax-free goods are released in one day, two days if inspection included.