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Welcome to Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., we offer you the highest quality logistics services!


Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., began preparations for the second half of 2003, after more than two years of preparation, has a relatively rich in experience, in 2006 ...

Special Car go (by air,bysea)
FWL International Freight can provide FCL&LCL sea freight and air freight service for the dangerous cargo. With many years of dangerous cargo transport experience, Our company can provide safe, reliable service and professional operation for the customer on a variety of names. We can provide the following services.
A.Packing certification
B.Customs declaration
C.Storage, labeling, strapping
D.FCL, LCL service
E.Land trailer for dangerous goods

Fresh Live Goods and Valuable Cargos Transportation (By Air)
We can provide air transportation of fresh/live products mainly, specific to commodities as fresh flowers, up-market fruits, matsutake, iced fresh sea food, iced fresh meat, frozen sea food, frozen meat, and live animals.
We can provide air transportation of valuable cargoes include: money, artworks, gold and silver jewelry, and secret documents, etc. We have specialized staffs and facilities, believe that we will provide the highest quality service for you.

Exhibition Cargo (by Air Freight Sea Freight)
We can handle exhibition cargo LCL import & export exhibition cargo transportation from china to Europe, North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, South America and African countries and provide a series of service for exhibition companies From the ATA document application, Customs declaration, LCL&FCL cargo export, clearance, cargo door-to-door service and cargo back to the customers’ hand, We focus on the satisfaction of the customers and provide the most accurate and the best service.

Bonded Storage Business (Bonded Business and General Business)
The bonded system is a customs management of countries to promote processing trade and entrepot trade.
The appearance of warehouse provided economical and convenient condition for storage dutiable goods of international logistics, For the cargo exported at last, the buyer or seller will be free of custom duties and other taxes and Till the cargo saled in domestic market, the buyer or seller will finish duty payment.
Customers complete customs transit, customs clearance and inspection & quarantine in one go, namely the Green Channel of cross-border transportation, providing high-speed dispatching or transferring and handle quick and convenient cross-border transportation formalities. In addition, we undertake relevant businesses of depositary, storage, dispatching, transshipping and freight forwarding, etc.

Supply Chain
Once the purchase order is confirmed, our warehouse keeper can: trace cargo-in with the buyer and scheduling the reservation time., storage plan and platform arrangement. After check the entry quality and quantity of the cargo-in very day according to the purchase order, We modify the incorrect items, long data and book building.

2.Inventory  Management
Our inventory Management includes the management of warehouse area and inventory number control, according to the purchase quantity of goods cargo, the time for cargo in warehouse, we set up the inventory number control and set purchasing time point warming system.

3.Replenishment and Picking up Operation
According to statistics of orders from the customer, we are aware of the real quantity demand, we not only plan the picking zone, select tools and assign personnel but also pay more attention to replenish the storage after shipment.

4.Distribution Processing
The distribution processing of commodities will be given at the logistics center it can improve commodities added value, including commodity classification, penetration, devanning and repackaging, labeling and collective packing.

According to order of the customer, our shipping process include: printing shipment document, planning shipping schedule, batch statement, address label and checklist.

We determine loading order according to selected dispatching routes: trace and control the cargo on the way of delivery; we can deal with unexpected accidents during the dispatching.

7.Accounting Work
After EX-warehouse, the sales department is responsible for making account receivable according to the delivery documents and transferring it to accounting department as receipt documents. After the purchased goods entering warehouse, the receiving department would make the incoming commodities statistics which is a proof for suppliers to request payout and do audit.

8.Operation Management and Performance Management
In addition to the above practical activities, a good-operated logistics center is more based on the assessment & evaluation analyzed by upper supervisors to achieve the efficiency management and make the operation decisions and guidelines. The operation and performance management can be analyzed through information and reports supplied by workers and middle supervisors.