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Welcome to Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., we offer you the highest quality logistics services!


Shanghai FWL International Forwarding Co., Ltd., began preparations for the second half of 2003, after more than two years of preparation, has a relatively rich in experience, in 2006 ...

With the vigorous development in the world of logistics. FWL keeps its creative and optimistic attitude, do not stop developing and growing, form into the notion of people oriented, customer oriented and scientific management, our principle is honest, creative and cooperation, then build the business relationship and communicate with each other.
The company spirit ——integrity、innovation、responsibility
Integrity is the fundamentality for success. Every worker in the company build the business relationship and communicate through the spirit of integrity、making the company get much honor and faith. It also makes members form the loyalty and sense of pride.
Innovation is the spring of developing in order to have own customers and area, FWL do a lot of activities, which improve the company’ business, members can improve themselves, too.
Responsibility is an assurance for developing. The company recognize that the spirit of responsibility  is important, they think if people can be responsible for customers, they can be responsible for the company and themselves, with the exact demands of the company, the workers are all on the straight and forgive others but not themselves. Of course they make much worth to the company.
The Company Worth——personal worth and corporate worth
The personal worth and the corporate worth are supplementing each other and existing consolidate. Workers can get affirmation and encouragement, through reflecting and improving themselves, at the same time, they can create the corporate worth for the company, while the corporate worth can give the opportunities to workers to promote and develop.
We believe, with the dynamism and creative, the future of the FWL can achieve more successful, and will keep its idea of “Build a bridge over the world”, bringing our good survive and developing notion to all the corners of the world.